Overall: 102-61
Thanksgiving: 2-1

Vikings @ Falcons

Both Minnesota and Atlanta have aggressively average quarterbacks who will probably be more highly thought of in this era than they truly deserve. Are we sure Matt Ryan is very good? How long has ol’ Matty Ice been in the league? When Matt Ryan entered the league, Roddy White was a consistently dominant weapon at the height of his power. Now that White is washed up, Julio Jones is an unstoppable force and the unquestioned best receiver in the NFL. There was even a small, two-season window where they were elite together. Sure, Matt Ryan can compile stats and complete enough passes to go for 4,000+ yards. But Atlanta has never been raised to another level by Matt Ryan’s performance. Teddy Bridgewater isn’t there yet because of a very conservative approach heavily reliant on the running attack. But all the signs are there and Bridgewater will inch closer to 4,000 yards and a 2:1 TD/INT ratio once Adrian Peterson is no longer the focal point. Although Bridgewater isn’t up to that level right now, Matt Ryan still isn’t good enough for it to make a difference despite being at home in the Georgia Dome.

Win: Minnesota Vikings

Rams @ Bengals

Welp, now we know Jeff Fisher isn’t above letting his quarterback die on the field. Jeff Fisher hates Nick Foles to the extent that he was willing to let a clearly concussed Case Keenum get scraped off the turf and stood upright just so Nick Foles couldn’t come back into the game. If Peyton Manning played on the Rams, we would almost assuredly see him still hobbling around on a torn foot with broken ribs. It basically took a near-decapitation of Case Keenum to get Nick Foles back in action. AND the supposed concussion spotter completely ignored what happened so no one protected poor Case Keenum. If we didn’t have footage of his lineman trying to pick up his limp body immediately after the play, Jeff Fisher probably would have pushed Case through the concussion protocol in order to get him cleared to play against the Bengals on the road. Right now, Case Keenum has no idea he’s in Cincinnati. Let’s make sure he’s dressed in street clothes so Jeff Fisher isn’t tempted to throw him out there again when Foles faceplants.

Win: Cincinnati Bengals

Raiders @ Titans

I hate both of these teams. I have nothing against their players or anything like that. But every time I pick Oakland or Tennessee, they shit the bed and show their true nature. What am I to do in this situation? Somehow, this will turn into our one tie of the season. I can’t wait for the Tennessee Titans to turn from boring to mildly more interesting after trading for Chip Kelly this offseason.

Win: Oakland Raiders

Buccaneers @ Colts

Crab Legs has quietly established himself as decent for a rookie QB. That’s actually an accomplishment. Jameis is boosted by his 5 TD performance last week, but the tools are there for a potential Dante Culpepper-esque player. Taking care of the football needs to be higher priority in order for Jameis to reach that next stage in his development. Indianapolis is always a prime candidate to get torched on defense, but the Colts should take care of another average team to stay on top of the division.

Win: Indianapolis Colts

Bills @ Chiefs

Buffalo and Kansas City have similar run-first approaches to offense. However, the Bills can at least threaten to throw the ball downfield. If Rex Ryan’s defense gave Tom Brady so many problems last week, then how the hell is Alex Smith going to complete a pass longer than 5 yards? Playing at Arrowhead is going to exasperate Buffalo’s penalty issues, but the Bills should have the talent and coaching advantage. As long as Tyrod Taylor is healthy, Buffalo pulls off the road win. If E.J. Manuel is forced to do anything but put on Tyrod Taylor’s coat for him (like he’s James fucking Brown or something), then the Bills are going to be in huge trouble because that guy is good for nothing besides sucking frosty snowballs.

Win: Buffalo Bills

Dolphins @ Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like a hobo. I don’t think Donkey Kong Suh has a problem with attacking a homeless man. In fact, it seems like something new head coach Dan Campbell would condone if it leads to a win. I wasn’t alive the last time these two teams were interesting, but I think there’s still some type of rivalry there. It’s the type of rivalry where no one on the national level can manage to give a fuck. I’m sure the blood will be heated in this Duel of the Ryans—Tannehill vs. Fitzpatrick, there can be only one. That would be the worst gimmick for a new Highlander movie franchise reimaginging.

Win: Miami Dolphins

Giants @ Redskins

Everything about this game screams a win for Washington. The Giants don’t have anything that resembles a healthy offensive line. New York has no running attack so they just throw four guys out there. Meanwhile, Kirk Cousins has shown promise has caretaker in the Alex Smith mold. With what is intended to be a home-field advantage, this should be an easy waltz for Washington. But the Giants manage to win games you never expect and then give away games they never should—like against Dallas near the start of the season. The New York Giants’ destiny is an 8-8 season and the undeserved NFC East division title.

Win: New York Giants

Chargers @ Jaguars

Fuck Philip Rivers. I know no one on San Diego is healthy, but Rivers couldn’t manage to throw a single touchdown last week? That’s pathetic. And it will get even worse this week when Blake Bortles and the Jaguars beat the Chargers. It’s like the front office is more focused on a move to Los Angeles than fielding a competitive team on the field. They might as well leave Philip Rivers and his 7 children in San Diego.

Win: Jacksonville Jaguars

Saints @ Texans

Houston will probably win this game at home against a below-average team. But I hate J.J. Watt and he deserves to rot on a shitty Texans franchise without sniffing the playoffs again. The Saints can’t play any worse defensively without Rob Ryan guzzling beers on the sidelines. So maybe Drew Brees pulls one of his improbable 400-yard performances out of his ass for a reminder of the good old times. Then Sean Payton pops a couple painkillers and they enjoy a nice long hug knowing this is their last hoorah.

Win: New Orleans Saints

Cardinals @ 49ers

Another week where I would much rather hear Jim Tomsula talk than watch the 49ers play.

Win: Arizona Cardinals

Steelers @ Seahawks

Pittsburgh against Seattle is easily the most entertaining matchup this week. But I still hate both franchises—specifically despising each team’s starting quarterback. I can’t win unless an atomic bomb is dropped on the field. Seriously, I cannot think of a single likeable player on either team. Le’Veon Bell doesn’t count because he shredded his knee, but that’s probably the only contender. The only outcome that would make me happy is if both teams lose. Unfortunately, that won’t happen so Seattle will likely find a way to win to keep lurking around like a stupid hipster Michael Myers.

Win: Seattle Seahawks

Patriots @ Broncos

Limp Brady

Fuck Tom Brady. Congratulations, Brock Osweiler, you managed to look mediocre against the middling Bears. Unfortunately, the Patriots don’t just give up on plays and decide not to tackle like that embarrassing Demaryius Thomas touchdown last week. Denver can try to push Peyton out the door all they would like, but there’s a reason they didn’t hand the reins over to Brock Ock at the start of the season. Football isn’t the same without Peyton Manning and the lack of interest in this Patriots-Broncos matchup is a prime example. I wouldn’t put it past Belicheat to go bland and let Osweiler look impressive so they don’t have to see Peyton start again this year. I was at the 4th and 2 Game in Indianapolis when Belicheat was desperately afraid of Manning coming back and winning the game. You can’t tell me that no one wants to see one last Manning vs. Brady matchup in the playoffs. If Peyton can’t topple the Evil Empire, it all falls on Eli’s shoulders. Someone needs to step up and kill the New England Patriots, once and for all.

Win: New England Patriots

Ravens @ Browns

So much for seeing John Football the rest of this season. Johnny Manziel has now shit away his one and only chance at being a starter. I think we can all agree that the only GM stupid enough to give this alcoholic shithead another shot is an alcoholic shithead who just so happens to also own the team—Jerry Jones. We already know Manziel and Jones owe their success to the oil industry and the share a love for partying and shady women. That’s enough for me to predict that Jerry will push to slap a star on Li’l Romo and give him an undeserved second chance. Hopefully crazy Greg Hardy is still there and decides to slam Manziel on a bed of automatic weapons to make this Circle of Hell complete.

Win: Cleveland Browns

Overall: 100-60
Last Week: 9-5

Eagles @ Lions

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without terrible football. Would you rather socialize and get stuck in miserable small talk with family and friends or zone out like a zombie watching two awful teams try to get through the short week unscathed? Watching the Lions struggle every Thanksgiving is an American tradition. While Detroit is coming together as a competitive team again under the guidance of ol’ Jim Bob Cooter, the entire Philadelphia Eagles franchise is fed up with Chip Kelly and a loss to the Lions might be the final straw. Philadelphia won’t fire Chip because they’re already paying him and the temptation of a return to college will always be there with lucrative offers. So the question becomes: will Chip Kelly quit? Take a look at that man’s face and tell me he wouldn’t jump ship to a primetime college opportunity like LSU or Texas. Chip Kelly is not the victim here. If he jumps ship, he’s abandoning a ship he built and staffed with his hand-picked crew after the ship sailed into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. That ship is too far off shore for there to be any survivors. Everyone is just going to freeze to death. I hope those rational, sane Eagles fans we all know so well are able to look back and realize where it all went wrong. You don’t give a crazy man the keys to the city then get shocked when he shits all over the place and runs away.

Win: Detroit Lions

Panthers @ Cowboys

So Tony Romo does make a world of difference—compelling the Cowboys to be competitive. Dallas finally got back on the winning side of the ledger last week, but they run into the undefeated Panthers today. Happy Thanksgiving! The Cowboys will likely be thankful if Tony Romo is still able to stand upright after the game. Carolina is going to lose eventually. New England is capable of threatening to run the gamut undefeated (as we’ve seen before), but the Panthers aren’t that type of team. Although Carolina has constructed a versatile, stout defense with playmakers at every level, the offense still runs completely through Cam Newton. Inevitably, Cam will have a face-plant performance and the supporting cast won’t be able to carry the team to victory. We all know Jonathan Stewart isn’t great. I can’t name a healthy wide receiver aside from Funchess bunches and that’s only because he’s a 1st round rookie. Is this the team that still employs that dinosaur Jerricho Cotchery? Maybe Carolina crumbles in this game, but I doubt Dallas is the team who can confuse Cam and give him trouble. Whoever can contain Cam and stall out the offense will be the first team to poke a hole in the tough exterior of the Panthers. Looking at the schedule, Dallas stands as good of a chance as any of the other upcoming mediocre teams, but I’ll give the advantage to New Orleans due to the familiarity with their division rival and the fact that Rob Ryan is finally fucking gone—permanently left to enjoy his own personal, perpetual state of Mardi Gras.

Win: Carolina Panthers

Bears @ Packers


Chicago should have beaten Brock Osweiler and the Broncos last week. Osweiler’s first touchdown was a completely broken play where the Bears defense just outright refused to tackle. It was an embarrassment. And that flub probably cost them the game. If not, John Fox trying run little Jeremy Langford right through Denver’s defense on the 2-point conversion certainly sealed Chicago’s fate. I don’t care what his weight is listed at on the program. Jeremy Langford looks like he’s 180 pounds when soaking wet. That’s not a good decision against arguably the best (or most talented) defense in the NFL. I know no one trusts Smokin’ Jay, but the Bears’ only chance to come back and win that game was on the back of Cutler. Smokin’ Jay hasn’t been horrible, but he’ll take another step back next year once Adam Gase gets a head coaching gig by virtue of making Cutler slightly above-average. I wasn’t shocked by a conservative John Fox in the same manner I wasn’t shocked that Aaron Rodgers found a way to guide Green Bay to a much-needed win over the division rival Vikings. Even with a giant talent void sucking the potential greatness of Green Bay down the drain, Aaron Rodgers is capable of bringing them back from the brink every time. We’ll look back on this era and lament the lacking supporting that Green Bay has given Rodgers—just as the Colts failed Peyton Manning. James Jones wearing a hooded sweatshirt under his jersey last week is the perfect encapsulation of this weird hobo team the Packers have patched together around Aaron Rodgers.

Win: Green Bay Packers

Overall: 91-55
Last Week: 3-11

Welp, Week 10 went about as well for me as it did Peyton Manning—easily my worst week ever. Maybe it’s not a good idea to pick winners on a whim and type frantically for 15 minutes before I head out the door for an event. I didn’t get to watch a single second of football last week, but that looks like it was for the best. This week, I get a glimpse of football life after Peyton Manning. I couldn’t be less interested in these matchups. And I don’t even get the joy of seeing Eli awkwardly move around trying to make plays for the Giants. Someone needs to ascend to the top and knock off the Patriots. The Giants are following the formula of sleepwalking through the regular season to set up a miraculous playoff run that culminates in a Super Bowl against New England. This must happen. Help us, Eli. You’re our only hope.

Titans @ Jaguars

Congratulations, NFL. You’ve found the Thursday matchup that absolutely no one (including the home fans of Tennessee and Jacksonville) will watch. You didn’t even have to turn people off with your ridiculous “color rush” scheme that fucks with those who are color blind. Sadly, the Jaguars still have a reasonable shot at the division if they beat Tennessee and take advantage of their easy end-of-season schedule. I don’t want to live in a world where Jacksonville and Blake Bortles make the playoffs.

Win: Jacksonville Jaguars

Colts @ Falcons

So much for the Falcons turning the page and becoming a new team after Mike Smith. It turns out hiring Seattle’s latest defense lackey doesn’t automatically turn your defense into a poor man’s version of the Legion of Boom. By the way, Legion of Boom is such an awful nickname that cannot be used when a son of the Legion of Doom plays top-notch defense in the same division. Officially, there is no Legion of Boom and everyone must now start calling the Rams’ linebacker corps as the Legion of Doom—start painting James Laurinaitis’ face in the Animal makeup right fucking now. Back to this boring matchup of old man Hasselback against milquetoast Matt Ryan. There’s no reason Atlanta should lose this game, but I also can’t think of a compelling reason they’ll win aside from Julio Jones. Despite his all-world talent, the easiest playmaker for a defense to take away is a team’s No. 1 receiver. But can the colts stop Atlanta’s running attack? Nothing made sense last week so why not pick one more thing that doesn’t make sense.

Win: Indianapolis Colts

Broncos @ Bears

Let the Brock Osweiler era begin! I would rather see a crippled Peyton Manning play against the Bears. Have we considered the possibility that Gary Kubiak wanted Peyton Manning to get hurt beyond repair? Kubiak doesn’t have the mental acumen, but he damn sure looks like an evil genius who would seem more at home in a Bond movie petting his cat. Denver should have just let Peyton Manning be a player-coach in his final season before eventually hiring Kubiak. John Elway can’t be pleased with Kubiak’s shitty job, but his reasoning appeared to be more in line with “anyone is better than John Fox” rather than “look at how mediocre my former backup is at being a coach”. If anyone watches this game, it is because they’re interested in seeing how that gangly fuck Brock Ock performs. Even though Jay Cutler has been respectable this season, no one can muster a fuck to give. Sucking but not bad enough to get an elite QB is a familiar position for the Bears. That’s how they ended up with Cutler in the first place.

Win: Chicago Bears

Raiders @ Lions

Jim Caldwell’s strategy has worked! Everyone else has been fired except the Black Mannequin. His brilliant idea to stand still without blinking has confused and actually convinced the Lions’ owner into thinking he’s not even there. Martha Ford has the same vision as the fake T-Rex from Jurassic Park. Eventually, someone in the front office will point out to poor Martha that the lifeless black man on the sidelines isn’t a realistic statue of an old Detroit coach. Let’s allow Jim Caldwell to enjoy his one moment of genius before he gets shit-canned this offseason and then Martha Ford hands over the reigns to ol’ Jim Bob Cooter. It’s not very often that the Oakland Raiders get to face a franchise that’s more dysfunctional than them. For fuck sakes, look at Mark Davis’ Lloyd Christmas haircut. Al Davis is in hell rolling laughing at his son’s hair.

Win: Oakland Raiders

Cowboys @ Dolphins

Tony Romo is back just in time to bring the Cowboys back from the brink of obscurity and return Dallas to their comfortable, rightful position of mediocrity. Last year was an aberration. Even with a healthy Romo next season, Dallas is not a juggernaut—last year’s sudden turn was the result of everything breaking their way. I’m not sure if the Cowboys can stop Dan Campbell and the Dolphins from punching them in the mouth repeatedly today. I don’t think anyone would be shocked to see a Dallas loss on the road in Miami. But there has to be some reason the Cowboys have decided to bring Romo back and risk further injury. This will be a sloppy unwatchable game, but Dallas has to beat someone at some point.

Win: Dallas Cowboys

Buccaneers @ Eagles

Charlie Kelly

How did I just now realize the Philadelphia Eagles are run by a person who is legally called Charlie Kelly? I demand to see Charlie Day get in character as Charlie Kelly dressed up as Chip Kelly wildly gesticulating on the sidelines. It can’t be any worse than real Chip Kelly calling the plays. Congratulations, Philly. You are now collectively one step closer to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia becoming your reality rather than simply mocking your existence as underground, gutter trash. Jameis should feel right at home.

Win: Philadelphia Eagles

Redskins @ Panthers

Redskins fans have convinced themselves that Kirk Cousins is their long-term answer. No wonder sleazy Dan Snyder is able to brainwash these gullible idiots out of more money every year. Good luck with the whitest QB known to mankind. In fact, that’s probably the selling point for the section of fans who are really into the team’s racist nickname. I can’t wait for more letters from angry moms that aren’t afraid to air their bigotry out in public. Continue directing your daughter’s attention to the sex objects masquerading as underpaid cheerleaders, you fucking idiots. There are so many more offensive aspects to the NFL fan experience like drunk fans and sponsorships than anything Cam Newton does on the football field.

Win: Carolina Panthers

Rams @ Ravens

Do you know how horrid Nick Foles has to play in order to be benched for Case Keenum? Really fucking bad. Kerry Collins right now with one foot in the grave would have been an upgrade on Nick Foles. I don’t have any faith in Case Keenum, but Todd Gurley has already proven to be a such a special talent that he could carry the Rams on his back. Baltimore seems due for some good luck finally after being fucked out of multiple wins by NFL officiating. But I can’t back Joe Flacco when the Ravens have absolutely no one to catch or run the ball. Halloween has passed and Justin Forsett is turning back into a pumpkin, which leaves the Ravens royally screwed. Baltimore’s defense is not the same without a known murderer roaming the middle of the field, and Case Keenum might honestly be able to take advantage.

Win: St. Louis Rams

Jets @ Texans

We already passed the point where Blaine Gabbert is starting an NFL game. Why not T.J. Yates? I remember Yates from his first go-around with Houston when the Texans lost Matt Schaub to injury—forcing a younger Yates into action in the playoffs. Suffice to say, there’s a reason Yates was no longer welcome in Houston before the Texans reached maximum desperation with pouting baby Ryan Mallett. Imagine if the Texans just stuck with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sure, Fitzy isn’t flashy and his ceiling is supremely low, but you know the level of mediocrity you’re getting with Ryan Fitzpatrick. That level of mediocrity was damn sure good enough to ensure the Texans this AFC South title. While the Jets have started playing more like the Jets recently, New York’s defense should threaten bodily harm to T.J. Yates several times and the offense is capable of scoring enough field goals to win—as long as Brandon Marshall doesn’t drop 7 passes.

Win: New York Jets

Chiefs @ Chargers

Kansas City may really have something here with Charcandrick West. Charcandrick is playing like Charmander—burning opposing defenses game after game. It’s hard to trust an Andy Reid team lead by Alex Smith, but the Chiefs have a remarkably easy schedule down the stretch. San Diego doesn’t have any healthy receivers. At this point, I think they’ve been given default receivers with fake names like Inman and Outman just so they can field a full team. With talent, Philip Rivers is good enough to challenge for the playoffs. Without a supporting cast, this is the Philip Rivers you get. At least Chargers fans get to enjoy San Diego…until the franchise moves to Los Angeles in a year or two.

Win: Kansas City Chiefs

Packers @ Vikings

Olivia Munn isn’t the problem. No Jordy Nelson and the franchise’s philosophy of “anyone can catch passes from Aaron Rodgers” is the problem. Green Bay hasn’t been the same offensively since the catastrophic injury to JerMichael Finley. Has the team even attempted to replace the playmaking TE? Not a chance. Instead, I think they picked up a random black guy who claimed to be a distant cousin to Aaron Rodgers—Roger Rodgers or something like that. When Jordy Nelson was lost for the year during the preseason, Green Bay’s genius idea was to pick up James Jones from the scrap heap and hope the magic of Green and Gold brought him back to life. And that actually worked for a few weeks. But no one can gain separation and everyone has focused on Randall Cobb because he’s the only genuine threat remaining. What the fuck is Aaron Rodgers supposed to do except run around and hope the defense falls apart? Especially when Fat Elvis has decided to glue Eddie Lacy’s ass to the bench in favor for another mediocre player the Packers drafted. Maybe spending some money on free agent talent is an idea to consider. Green Bay is in jeopardy of being passed by the Minnesota Vikings. It feels weird to say that out loud. Somehow, some way, Aaron Rodgers is winning this game and breaking the freezing cold hearts of Vikings fans.

Win: Green Bay Packers

49ers @ Seahawks

San Francisco finally found an injury excuse to kick Colin Kaepernick out of the locker room. This is Blaine Gabbert’s team! YYYEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!! Jim Tomsula couldn’t be more pumped to have an underdog like him leading these men. Sadly, Gabbert’s “momentum” will come to a screeching halt in Seattle against the Seahawks—who might finally be pissed off after being embarrassed by Arizona. Russell Wilson is too busy not fucking Ciara to care about going back to the Super Bowl. Seattle still doesn’t have any idea what to do with Jimmy Graham or how to put together a coherent offensive game plan. But the Seahawks could probably sleepwalk once again and beat these Gabbert-led 49ers.

Win: Seattle Seahawks

Bengals @ Cardinals

Andy Dalton finally turned into Andy Dalton. We expected that. Everyone knew that was coming at some point, we just had to wait for the other shoe to drop. But did anyone expect that to happen against the Houston Texans? The Red Rocket’s face turned dog-dick red in embarrassment after the game, which was only made worse by his lame beef with J.J. Watt. We will now witness the descent of Andy Dalton. Cincinnati wishes they could have Carson Palmer back. I’m legitimately shocked that Carson Palmer has resurrected his career and surpassed of he performed at his previous highest level. I think you can give that credit to Bruce Arians. Arizona lucked into a great coach that works extremely well with Steve Keim and the Cardinals’ front office. With a straight face, you can now say that the Arizona Cardinals are one of the most talented teams in the NFL—both offensively and defensively.

Win: Arizona Cardinals

Bills @ Patriots

Fuck Rex Ryan, his massive horse mouth, and his giant white teeth. Fuck Tom Brady. Fuck Bill Belichick. Fuck that big dumb goofy polar bear Rob Gronkowski—catching footballs with his stupid face.

Win: New England Patriots

Overall: 88-44
Last Week: 7-6

Bills @ Jets

Rex Ryan can never shut the fuck up. Just try and stop him from putting his foot in his mouth. All week, Rex has been busy making this game all about his return to New York and then chastising the media because they’re making it all about him. It’s like Rex is whipping his dick out and yelling at people for looking at his dick. I hate Rex Ryan so much. Regardless of how much weight he loses, Rex will always be the same loud fat idiot. There is no justice in the NFL if the Jets lose to this asshole.

Win: New York Jets

Lions @ Packers

Aaron Rodgers is not losing at Lambeau against the Lions.

Win: Green Bay Packers

Panthers @ Titans

Fuck the Titans. Seriously, I have no idea what this team is doing on a week-to-week basis. Carolina should clobber Tennessee, which means the Mariota will pull off a miracle upset. It’s Mularkey.

Win: Carolina Panthers

Bears @ Rams

Jay Cutler is playing just well enough for Chicago to stick with him one more season. Congratulations, Bears fans. Expect Smokin’ Jay to show why he’s such an insufferable prick after St. Louis picks him off a couple times. Let’s hope the Rams can win without killing Wes Welker in his 2015 debut.

Win: St. Louis Rams

Dolphins @ Eagles

Could the Eagles actually win the NFC East? Philadelphia will face a challenge with the newly minted tough-nose Dolphins. Does smash mouth football beat a finesse volume offense? The Eagles might be putting things together by utilizing multiple tight ends to help their struggling offensive line.

Win: Philadelphia Eagles

Browns @ Steelers

Johnny Manziel vs. Landry Jones! This ain’t your grandpa’s NFL!

Win: Cleveland Browns

Cowboys @ Buccaneers

Is Tony Romo back yet? Dallas’ downward spiral has entered full-on tailspin mode. If the Cowboys can’t overcome the Buccaneers, then who can they beat?

Win: Dallas Cowboys

Saints @ Redskins

Watch out, New Orleans is nearing a return to respectability. The same will never be said about Dan Snyder.

Win: New Orleans Saints

Jaguars @ Ravens

With Andrew Luck’s lacerated kidney, Blake Bortles has a legitimate chance to win the AFC South. In any other year, it would be a total joke to think Jacksonville could upset the Ravens at home in Baltimore. Without any healthy receivers and Baltimore’s talent-deficiencies in several areas, it’s no longer an upset for Jacksonville to pull off the road win. All aboard the Bortles Hype Train. Choo-choo!

Win: Jacksonville Jaguars

Vikings @ Raiders

We’re certain Teddy Bridgewater is alright after having his brains bashed into the ground last week? I’m not so sure. Oakland is rolling right now, and I’d rather side with Derek Carr at home than Teddy Ballgame on the road. Jack Del Rio is a perfect fit as head coach of the Raiders.

Win: Oakland Raiders

Chiefs @ Broncos

Is this finally the first time the Kansas City Chiefs beat Peyton Manning since he’s been with the Denver Broncos? Peyton has been vulnerable all year, but Manning has made the necessary throws to win most of their games. With Denver’s defense playing at an all-time high when they’re not poking out opponent’s eyes, the Broncos should be able to take care of business against the pop-gun Kansas City attack.

Win: Denver Broncos

Patriots @ Giants

Helmet Catch

Stick to the script. We need a close, competitive game that the Patriots win. After waltzing through the regular season undefeated, New England will once again meet the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

Win: New England Patriots

Cardinals @ Seahawks

I want nothing more than the Cardinals to clobber the Seahawks in Seattle to shut the 12th Man up once and for all…for this year. Since I can’t ever be happy, the Seahawks will find a way to actually incorporate Jimmy Graham in their offense just in time to turn into an unstoppable force for a playoff run. Arizona needs to strike the death blow now. I have a bad feeling that the Cardinals could lose Carson Palmer for a stretch if this game turns ugly in the rainy, muddy slop.

Win: Seattle Seahawks

Texans @ Bengals

Cincinnati is suddenly at juggernaut status in the AFC. Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see them lose in primetime to Brian Hoyer and the Texans? I am actively rooting for that scenario.

Win: Cincinnati Bengals

Two weeks ago, the Internet was set ablaze by The Walking Dead. By now, you should have heard that a main character is in harm’s way. Spoilers be damned, I want to talk about it—you’ve been warned.

Be serious: Glenn is not dead. No way, no how.

Near the end of Episode 3, Nicholas said “Thank You” to our favorite pizza delivery boy before shooting himself in the head. Although Nicholas’ body went limp, his momentum took Glenn down with him, but he clearly landed on top of Glenn. When the walkers were ripping out intestines, those were the hot dog innards of Nicholas—not Glenn. Your guts do not come out of your chest. And as many have pointed out, there’s a noticeable gap underneath the dumpster where Glenn’s slender body could slide under. It’s reasonable to think those blood and guts camouflage Glenn to let him hang out under that dumpster until the cavalry arrives. Nicholas’ final act would be the only worthwhile accomplishment in his arc.

Removing Steve Yeun’s name from the credits is simply The Walking Dead trying to fuck with fans. Be careful, fans will grow irate the more they are screwed with—you should aim to jerk off your fans, not jerk them around. But I think this is a rouse. Something is building and this is just the start.

So let’s make a bold prediction.

The Walking Dead will continue fucking with the fans in a failed attempt to build tension. Stop trying to sell me on Glenn being dead. Even on the show itself, everyone gave up on him way too quick. After a few more episodes hiding Glenn’s fate, someone will come upon Glenn as the show reveals he’s still alive. Maybe it’ll be Darryl. Or Sasha and Abraham. More likely, this will serve as the introduction of Jesus.

That’s right, Jesus saves Glenn. Not that Jesus, the real one—who is actually named Paul Monroe.

Before the end of the half-season, the whole crew reunites back at home base at Alexandria. If I’m judging the pace of storytelling correctly, the Wolves mount another pack attack on the settlement—probably tearing down part of the walls in the process while walkers pour into the formerly peaceful town. When the entire 16-episode run is over, I think we’ll be able to call this season a homerun.

If The Walking Dead wants to truly swing for the fences, then the most villainous villain comes into the picture during the final episode. Enter: Negan. It is coming and Glenn’s story was the start.

You don’t need to read The Walking Dead comics to know who Negan is and how he’s tied to Glenn’s fate. In that source material, Negan plays a fatal game of eenie-meenie-miney-moe that brings about the end for Glenn in a brutal fashion. I think you’ll see that scene this season on The Walking Dead, but the final result won’t be quite the same. Although I think the game ends on Glenn, Negan will pull a switcheroo.

That’s right, it will be a double-whammy of pregnant Maggie and unborn baby fetus Hershel.

What better way to keep fans on their toes? The only way for comic book fans to anticipate every twist and turn is if you shake things up and depart from the source material in spectacular fashion. Glenn’s fate hanging in the balance is the beginning. Most fans don’t think he’s dead because they’re awaiting that bloody demise when Negan arrives. I don’t think The Walking Dead is taunting fans with Glenn’s possible death only to kill him at the end of the season. It wouldn’t be the first time The Walking Dead failed at storytelling, but I’d like to believe that there’s a little evil genius behind this dull development.

Babies have no place in the zombie apocalypse. With Judith already crawling around, it seems unlikely The Walking Dead will introduce another crying baby. Plus, Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie) has started to branch out into bigger roles—including the lead in an upcoming horror movie. Steve Yeun is a huge boost for The Walking Dead in the Asian market, and it makes sense to keep Glenn around and trying to cope in the aftermath of such an awful event. Just when Glenn gets back to his dear Maggie…BOOM!

Like Babe Ruth, I’m calling my shot.  Now can we just cast Henry Rollins as Negan already?


Overall: 81-38
Last Week: 9-5

Browns @ Bengals

Josh McCown is hurt so John Football is the starting QB for the Browns on the road against one of the toughest teams in the AFC. That’s not a recipe for success for Cleveland. Then again, Cleveland should be used to the bitter taste of defeat by now. I don’t like Johnny Manziel. I don’t think he’ll amount to anything more than Doug Flutie at the end of his career—not good enough to start but capable of keeping his team competitive if he’s forced into action mid-game. Doesn’t Cleveland need to start Manziel the rest of this year just to make sure he’s as limited as they seem to think? Josh McCown is best as a Dolph Lundgren impersonator at this point. Just give into your destiny of suckitude, Cleveland. Ohio is a shithole.

Win: Cincinnati Bengals

Dolphins @ Bills

Are we sure this game isn’t in London? I have no idea who is healthy on the Bills roster. I think Percy Harvin has turtle AIDS in his hip and I believe someone bit Sammy Watkins’s Achilles heel. All that matters is whether or not E.J. Manuel is playing. That guy is terrible in every language and in every country. I had to look it up, but apparently Tyrod Taylor will be back this week for Buffalo. Everyone was riding the testosterone-fueled Dolphins bandwagon (being pulled by Dan Campbell sprinting and clutching a rope in his teeth) up until New England tore Miami a new asshole. The Dolphins are the same Dolphins, but it does make a difference having a real human being coaching as opposed to the failed android incapable of emotion that was Joe Philbin. When the Dolphins fired Joe Philbin, they just flipped his off switch and stored him in the janitor’s closet for future use. That android is only good for mopping floors.

Win: Buffalo Bills

Rams @ Vikings

These two teams are evenly matched in every regard. Tiebreaker goes to the home team—even though the Rams may be slightly better, St. Louis is abysmal on the road. It’s Foles vs. Bridgewater time, folks!

Win: Minnesota Vikings

Redskins @ Patriots

Kirk Cousins was positively giddy after completing that comeback two weeks ago. Unfortunately, that upset came against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This week, Kirk Cousins gets the pleasure of being dissected and destroyed by Bill Belichick. The Patriots should be embarrassed if they lose a regular season game. There is no way that’s happening at home—even Hell freezing over wouldn’t help with Dan Snyder involved.

Win: New England Patriots

Titans @ Saints

Typically, there’s a shit sandwich or two every week. But this is a special week. The NFL decided to open a smorgasbord of shit for Week 9. It’s a relative poo poo platter for everyone regardless of region or time of day. Ken Whisenhunt already got fired less than 2 years into Tennessee’s awful decision to hire him in the first place. Still, nobody cares. Can some corrupt shit conspire to either get Mariota to the Eagles or Chip Kelly to the Titans? I don’t like Chip Kelly, but if we’re going to have him in the NFL, then I want to see his ridiculous scheme run by someone who has familiarity and talent—rather than the revolving door of mediocrity running rampant in Philadelphia. On the sideline opposite Tennessee, New Orleans is no longer an elite or even above-average tame. But the Saints are traveling back toward respectability and a loss to the new-fangled Titans would be Mularkey. The name’s Mularkey—Mike Mularkey.

Win: New Orleans Saints

Jaguars @ Jets

Let the feast of shit continue with Blake Bortles vs. Anyone But Geno Smith! The Jets are so determined to never let Geno Smith start again that they might seriously glue his pants to the bench. Ryan Fitzpatrick could lop off his thumb and New York would still have more faith in Mr. Harvard. Considering the instability at the QB position for the Jets, I feel almost compelled to take the Jaguars. Almost. While the Jaguars aren’t as Jaguars-y as before, I still don’t trust Jacksonville or Blake Bortles. If Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t throw the ball more than 10 yards, the Jets will just run the Wildcat the rest of the game.

Win: New York Jets

Raiders @ Steelers

The Raiders are much better than I or anyone else thought coming into the season. Has Jack Del Rio really turned this team around? Having watched Jack Del Rio and his leather jacket for several years, I find that hard to believe. But I think Derek Carr is that good—much better than his brother David could have ever dreamed of being at the NFL level. Le’Veon Bell is out this season after destroying his knee again last week, which should make Oakland the road favorite. As much as I would like to bury Pittsburgh, I don’t think this is the last we’ve heard from the Steelers. Much like Jason or Michael Myers, Rapistberger will keep slowly trudging forward and obliterating any obstacles that get in his way of cornering a drunk co-ed in the bathroom of a bar while his bodyguard acts as a lookout.

Win: Pittsburgh Steelers

Packers @ Panthers

Well, that didn’t go very well for Green Bay last week. Aaron Rodgers is an All-World QB, but his supporting cast that’s still healthy isn’t quite up to that level. The Packers will probably struggle to get separation from Carolina as well this week, but I have to believe Green Bay learned something from the Broncos’ controlled demolition of their team. With an improved commitment to running and play-action to give Rodgers the room to tuck it or throw downfield, the Packers should be able produce points offensively against the Panthers. However, I question whether or not Green Bay can control Cam Newton and his gusto.

Win: Green Bay Packers

Falcons @ 49ers

Congratulations, we’ve reached the point in the season when Blaine Gabbert starts for an NFL team.

Win: Atlanta Falcons

Giants @ Buccaneers

Eli Manning was unstoppable against New Orleans, but New York still found a way to lose. Fortunately, Jameis Winston is no Drew Brees. The Giants will continue their one step forward, one step back routine this week by getting back on the winning side against Crab Legs and the Buccaneers. Eli Manning is the Luke Skywalker that the universe needs to defeat Darth Brady and Emperor Belicheat.

Win: New York Giants

Broncos @ Colts

If Denver dismantled Aaron Rodgers, what is this Broncos defense capable of against Andrew Luck? Indianapolis nearly completed a miraculous comeback against Carolina, but Andrew Luck couldn’t stop himself from giving the game away. Instead of taking a sack or throwing the ball out of bounds, Luck has been bound and determined to loft up shitty pass after shitty pass. It makes no sense, and I can’t imagine that tendency suddenly stopping. The Broncos got on the right track running the ball right through Green Bay, and Denver should take advantage of Indianapolis’ shitty defense the exact same way. In a sense, it doesn’t matter what Peyton does on offense in this game. While you can’t count on a defensive touchdown, I would guarantee at least an interception and a handful of sacks as Andrew Luck and the Colts’ offense is stifled another week. But if Luck can get healthy and new offensive coordinator Rod Chudzinski can work his TE magic, then Indianapolis still has a chance to remain on top of the worst division in sports.

Win: Denver Broncos

Eagles @ Cowboys

Dallas nearly toppled the Seahawks last week, but that is more of an indictment on Seattle than an example of how close the Cowboys are to competing. Without Tony Romo, Dallas doesn’t stand a chance. Even in a dysfunctional division, Matt Cassell is not capable of consistency to the standard that Dallas requires with their supporting cast. But the Cowboys get a break with the Philadelphia Eagles coming into town. Philadelphia is aggressively awful. They still have no idea how to put their players in the best position for success, and I don’t think Chip Kelly is interested in learning anything new. This will be yet another sloppy, boring game that is so close that people will confuse themselves into believing it was actually a good game. That’s the bread-and-butter of the NFL. I know, we’ll call it…parity!

Win: Dallas Cowboys

Bears @ Chargers

Smokin' Jay's Smug Indifference

I hope Bears fans are happy knowing that Jay Cutler’s level of competence in Adam Gase’s new offense has probably bought him another year and one last chance in Chicago. Sound familiar? That was the same story with Marc Trestman before Cutler imploded. Why should this new situation be any different? Especially now that Matt Forte is on the tail end of his career and there isn’t another focal point in sight. Chicago should have held a fire sale and completely cleaned house in terms of personnel. The Chargers don’t exactly have a home-field advantage in San Diego, which plays to the benefit of the Bears. Despite all of San Diego’s injuries and overall dedication to mediocrity, the Chargers are still more talented than Chicago and will likely win by at least a touchdown. Let’s all sit back and watch Jay Cutler’s smug indifference against Philip Rivers’ whiny incredulous scowl on primetime. It’s MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!

Win: San Diego Chargers


Trick ‘r Treat was formerly streaming on Netflix. That’s when I first encountered this movie a few years ago, but I recently stumbled on the fact that Trick ‘r Treat has evidently amassed quite a cult following. In the Halloween spirit, I revisited Trick ‘r Treat to try to uncover the reason for such love and adoration. I regret to inform you I am no closer to finding an answer after watching this movie again.

Although it has its moments, I don’t understand why so many people love Trick ‘r Treat.


What makes this movie specifically so special that it’s a tradition to watch every Halloween?

Trick ‘r Treat is an absurdist, entertaining horror anthology. The stories are cobbled together from different regions of the horror genre—ghosts, serial killers, slashers, and vampires can all be found. While jumbled, this movie avoids being categorized as a complete mess because the narratives are woven together in a circular yet coherent structure. Blood and guts (and lots of it) are central themes of the stories.

Some familiar faces also pop up in the various vignettes of Trick ‘r Treat.

Anna Paquin

Most notably, Anna Paquin is in a story where she’s a virgin dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood. Additionally, you should probably somewhat recognize Brian Cox (Captain O’Hagan from Super Troopers), veteran character actor Dylan Baker, and Leslie Bibb (Rachel McAdams clone) and her lovely face.

Even the fat kid (Brett Kelly) from Bad Santa shows up in a short little scene.

Dylan Baker

His cameo is complete with a “This IS My Costume” t-shirt while smashing pumpkins like an asshole.

If there is a star of this movie, it is Sam—played by Quinn Lord—a character who only reveals his face once. It is glorious and creepy. One of the common threads among these stories is Sam as this little kid can be seen all around town in his grimy orange onesie and creepy burlap sack mask with button eyes.

SamThe mystery of Sam is certainly the highlight of Trick ‘r Treat.

In the other stories, you see a principal with a secret dark side, some shithead kids pulling a prank at the site of a school bus massacre, slutty college girls trying to find a guy for their virgin friend, and a wife who can’t stand Halloween. I can’t recall encountering a character like Sam before. But I am heavily in favor of a feature length movie focusing solely on his antics during Halloween.

Every once in a while, a swell of hype surges around a horror movie. Whispers of how you need to see it start to grow into screams. For some particular reason, that appears to have retroactively happened with this movie. With the increased interest expanding the cult following, momentum has the point where a sequel is finally in the works. Hopefully that means more of our favorite little trick-or-treater.

Unfortunately, I think all the magic faded when the clock struck midnight. Trick ‘r Treat’s best quality is that it maintains an entertaining, breezy pace from start to finish. At a scant 82 minutes, this movie doesn’t overstay its welcome. A sequel is bound to test those boundaries beyond enjoyable limits.

I’m satisfied with the relative success and they should be too. Leave them wanting more.

Tricks and treats are abound in Trick ‘r Treat. Watch and enjoy at your own peril.


3 out of 5 stars