If the world comes to an end, I don’t want it to be some boring way like nuclear devastation.

Give me a show when I go out like a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion. I am a sucker for a creature feature, and Grabbers certainly gives you a show with more than just a typically dumb monster movie. Grabbers is a fun Irish-British comedy/horror that’s currently streaming on Netflix.

On a quiet island town off the coast of Ireland, two cops investigate a seaside mess of maimed whale corpses washed ashore. Garda O’Shea (played by Richard Coyle) is an alcoholic and his new partner Garda Nolan (played by Ruth Bradley) is a workaholic who doesn’t want to suffer his manchildish antics. After learning from local ecologist Dr. Smith (played by Russell Tovey) that the town drunk Paddy (played by Lalor Roddy) survived an attack from a mysterious blood-sucking monster with tentacles, the ground rules for survival is laid out to the audience…drink, drink, and drink.

Wall Monster

These creatures survive on blood and water. Alcohol is toxic to them—which is why Paddy survived—so the only hope for everyone is to get drunk as a skunk and stay that way through the night. But a huge storm is heading towards the island, which will allow the ‘grabbers’ to move about on land.

What’s the plan?

Throw a party at the town pub to keep everyone liberally lubed up with booze and blissfully unaware of the impending terror. It’s a great premise and somewhat reminiscent of this summer’s The World’s End. Typically, a movie mainly relying on actors to pretend to be drunk doesn’t go so well. But Grabbers is remarkably realistic in its portrayal and this believable core makes the movie appealing.

With plenty of comedic moments and one liners, Grabbers is genuinely funny even though it’s nothing completely unique in the comedy/horror genre. But the interaction between Garda O’Shea and Garda Nolan is great, and I fell in love with Paddy. He’s a drunken Steven Wright with gems like…

A bird never flew on one wing.”


Growing up watching shitty horror movies on the Sci-Fi channel so I have an appreciation for a good horror movie, and the comedic entertainment value in Grabbers elevates it beyond your standard creature feature. While this British film fills your appetite for a monster movie, another British film I can recommend that’s also streaming on Netflix is Doghouse—which satisfies as a supremely outlandish zombie outbreak also set in a small town. And if you want to hit a trio of British comedies available for viewing on Netflix, then read my review of Four Lions and browse Netflix because it is still streaming online as well.

If you want an enjoyable laugh at the very least, put Grabbers in your Netflix queue right now.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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