NFL: Super Bowl Predictions

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Sports
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Last Week: 1-1
Overall: 167-96-1

Seahawks @ Broncos


In the hypothetical game against aliens for the fate of the world, there is no one I would entrust humanity in the hands of more than Peyton Manning. That theory will be put to the test today. How do you get more alien and freakish than the Seattle Seahawks defense? Disregard the notion that the Denver Broncos are a 2 1/2 point favorite because quarterback is the only position where the Broncos hold a distinct advantage.

Much has been made about the weather for this Sunday’s Super Bowl, but it turns out that the conditions might actually be playable. Whether the weather is a factor or not, I expect this to be an intense, intimately close game where each possession is meaningful. If the last few games have been any indication, Denver will have 8-10 drives to post as many points as possible.

Considering Seattle’s strengths (defense and the run game), expect the Seahawks to try to run the ball down Denver’s throat and control the clock as much as possible in order to limit the Broncos to around 8 attempts. Conservatively, I’m anticipating Denver scoring 2 touchdowns and attempting at least 3 field goals, which means they would have 3 wasted possessions. Before Percy Harvin’s return, I said that Seattle would struggle weekly to post 23 points, which would put both of these teams around the mid-20’s in terms of points.

Weird shit happens in the Super Bowl so expect the unexpected. Marshawn Lynch won’t be an impact runner aside from clock-killing mode, but Seattle will get creative and use him as a pass catcher out of the backfield. On the other side, Knowshon Moreno will be put in a position to succeed by Peyton Manning so he could get some gash runs and threaten 100 yards on the ground. Seattle will likely net a cheap return touchdown from Percy Harvin, and Denver better be careful because Trindon Holliday is not opposed to putting the ball on the ground while trying to gain additional yardage.

Every facet of this game will be close.

If Denver can get out to an early lead and rush the passer, then more responsibility will be placed upon Russell Wilson’s shoulders, which is a good thing. Although Wilson has proven to possess elite escapability, the depth of his drops is shocking when he’s on the run so a sack or a couple would put the Seahawks in a very unfortunate position to gain a 1st Down. Personally, I think Wilson will connect on a huge throw downfield if put in that situation, and I’m afraid Seattle will unleash the read-option in this game to catch Denver off-guard.

For all the hype about Denver’s weapons on offense, where would they be without Peyton Manning? The reason Manning always has playmakers is because he puts them in that position to succeed. If Seattle is allowed to hold on defense and push receivers from their routes, then Peyton is going to have a tough time putting his teammates in a position to succeed. Ultimately, I have faith in Manning.

Regardless of the outcome of this Super Bowl, Peyton Manning will remain the best human being to ever play the quarterback position.

Win: Denver Broncos, 26-24


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