Odd Thomas is not your typical thriller. This unique movie is a whimsical horror mystery that engages the audience with a great story and also dazzles the eyeballs with interesting imagery and effects. Odd Thomas ages better with each repeated viewing, and it’s a super share with fellow friends.

Don’t hold it against Odd Thomas that this movie is based on a novel by Dean Koontz.

Give it a chance and go add Odd Thomas to your Netflix queue. I’ll fight you if you don’t.

Odd Yelchin

Even if you don’t like Anton Yelchin, you’ll have to admit that he is perfect for the character. The only other actor I could have imagined as Odd Thomas is Jay Baruchel. But Yelchin does a fantastic job embodying the role and grounding a character with psychic ability in reality—a fucked up reality, but one nonetheless. Yelchin’s face always looks like he’s awaiting something terrible around every corner.

And he has reason to believe that since Odd Thomas can see dead people. Also, there are invisible creatures called bodachs that creep around and feed on carnage. Only Odd can see the bodachs, but they can’t know that or else they’ll kill him. Whenever bodachs are lurking around, evil is sure to follow.

Willem Dafoe

Odd’s mission is to try to prevent harm from happening as much as possible and help those lingering souls he can see. Living vampire/human bat Willem Dafoe is cast as Chief Wyatt Porter—who helps keep publicity away from Odd while catching the bad guys. Willem Dafoe is at his best in everything. His weird demeanor adds another dimension to this movie with a good cop/bad cop dynamic between Chief Porter and Odd Thomas. Bad casting could have easily tanked this movie. Thanks to the cast, it has a heart.

Since movies need to have romantic tension, Odd Thomas introduces Odd’s girlfriend Stormy Llewellyn—played by Addison Timlin, you might remember her boobs from her arc on Californication. While Stormy is easy on the eyes, her character is there to really give Odd a reason to live and fight these evil forces. Thanks to his inane abilities and some good ole fashioned detective work, Odd Thomas finds his first lead when he sees bodachs swarming a particularly gross dude they nickname Fungus Bob.

Fungus Bob

There are some fun twists and turns in the story that slowly put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Doing anything he can to prevent an impending disaster in public, Odd Thomas is appealing because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. This movie has elements of horror, mystery, romance, and sci-fi with its paranormal slant. For some reason, Odd Thomas did not garner a good critical reception as it currently stands at 35% on Rotten Tomatoes—although the 65% audience rating is more favorable.


Some may call it a jumbled mess, but I would say that’s unfair. While Odd Thomas is uneven at times, it delivers plenty of odd and weird. What else did you expect? I can’t point to any particular weak link. The shifts in tone are random, but not jarring. I certainly didn’t feel any aspect of the direction barred my enjoyment of the story. Surprisingly tense, Odd Thomas moves at a swift pace building your interest until breaking your hopes and dreams. Although this is not an M. Night Shyamalan clone, you can see some similarities with The Sixth Sense—a breakthrough success when released back in 1999.

Odd Thomas sees dead people and tries to do something. As a result, his job is never over and you can see how the novel structure and ending would have left the door open for a sequel.

Evil is always ready to strike and the danger must be defeated.


4.5 out of 5 stars


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