Truth or Die is a terrible title. Then again, Truth or Dare wasn’t exactly imaginative either.

This British horror thriller isn’t a great movie, but it does deliver some tense moments and disgusting deaths. Currently streaming on Netflix, Truth or Die is difficult to discuss because there are particular details that move beyond spoiler alerts that define the movie. Don’t worry, I’ll do this delicately.

Even the movie description doesn’t do it justice. Yes, it takes place in a cabin in the woods and there’s teenage drinking involved, but this is barely in the horror category and certainly not that type of cabin in the woods movie. The opening of the movie is a big house party among friends that turns sour with a mean game of truth or dare that embarrasses one friend, Felix, and causes him to flee in horror.


A year later, the friends get invited to a big dinner party at Felix’s rich family estate. There doesn’t appear to be any other guests at this party, which has been relegated to a secluded cabin in the woods—off from the mansion. Presumably, this setting was chosen primarily so no one can hear any screaming. The superfriends group of douchebags seems completely unaware of what misfortune awaits them. Felix is spared from the action because he’s apparently out of town, but his brother is there in his stead.

Details are scarce and painfully explored in this movie. Don’t expect too much until the end.

Eventually, the slow build of the story turns violent as you learn the reason why everyone is there.

Truth or Die is dark, mysterious, and brooding. Even for a horror movie, that’s not always a good thing.

I feel like that’s the case with this movie because it takes itself way too seriously. A little dark humor would have provided much needed comic relief. The way the truth or dare aspect is utilized isn’t all that inventive, but there was plenty of room to twist that around for some sick fun. It’s happy just being sick.

Spin the Bottle

With no likeable characters, it’s hard to stay invested. I imagine anyone who didn’t feel invested in the inevitable reveal already pressed stop a long time ago. Those daring souls who stuck through are rewarded with an interesting twist when you finally found out what happened. Some people don’t seem satisfied with the story’s resolution, but it’s an appropriate ending suitable for a horror movie.

Saying anything further would be peeling back the onion too far. While unremarkable in most aspects, Truth or Die is entertaining enough to be a worthwhile watch for a horror mystery.

In the end, I felt dirty and a little disgusted. I’m sure that was the intention.


2 out of 5 stars


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