Trick ‘r Treat was formerly streaming on Netflix. That’s when I first encountered this movie a few years ago, but I recently stumbled on the fact that Trick ‘r Treat has evidently amassed quite a cult following. In the Halloween spirit, I revisited Trick ‘r Treat to try to uncover the reason for such love and adoration. I regret to inform you I am no closer to finding an answer after watching this movie again.

Although it has its moments, I don’t understand why so many people love Trick ‘r Treat.


What makes this movie specifically so special that it’s a tradition to watch every Halloween?

Trick ‘r Treat is an absurdist, entertaining horror anthology. The stories are cobbled together from different regions of the horror genre—ghosts, serial killers, slashers, and vampires can all be found. While jumbled, this movie avoids being categorized as a complete mess because the narratives are woven together in a circular yet coherent structure. Blood and guts (and lots of it) are central themes of the stories.

Some familiar faces also pop up in the various vignettes of Trick ‘r Treat.

Anna Paquin

Most notably, Anna Paquin is in a story where she’s a virgin dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood. Additionally, you should probably somewhat recognize Brian Cox (Captain O’Hagan from Super Troopers), veteran character actor Dylan Baker, and Leslie Bibb (Rachel McAdams clone) and her lovely face.

Even the fat kid (Brett Kelly) from Bad Santa shows up in a short little scene.

Dylan Baker

His cameo is complete with a “This IS My Costume” t-shirt while smashing pumpkins like an asshole.

If there is a star of this movie, it is Sam—played by Quinn Lord—a character who only reveals his face once. It is glorious and creepy. One of the common threads among these stories is Sam as this little kid can be seen all around town in his grimy orange onesie and creepy burlap sack mask with button eyes.

SamThe mystery of Sam is certainly the highlight of Trick ‘r Treat.

In the other stories, you see a principal with a secret dark side, some shithead kids pulling a prank at the site of a school bus massacre, slutty college girls trying to find a guy for their virgin friend, and a wife who can’t stand Halloween. I can’t recall encountering a character like Sam before. But I am heavily in favor of a feature length movie focusing solely on his antics during Halloween.

Every once in a while, a swell of hype surges around a horror movie. Whispers of how you need to see it start to grow into screams. For some particular reason, that appears to have retroactively happened with this movie. With the increased interest expanding the cult following, momentum has the point where a sequel is finally in the works. Hopefully that means more of our favorite little trick-or-treater.

Unfortunately, I think all the magic faded when the clock struck midnight. Trick ‘r Treat’s best quality is that it maintains an entertaining, breezy pace from start to finish. At a scant 82 minutes, this movie doesn’t overstay its welcome. A sequel is bound to test those boundaries beyond enjoyable limits.

I’m satisfied with the relative success and they should be too. Leave them wanting more.

Tricks and treats are abound in Trick ‘r Treat. Watch and enjoy at your own peril.


3 out of 5 stars


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