Overall: 138-86
Last Week: 10-6

Chargers @ Raiders

San Diego just said their goodbye to the Chargers and now Oakland and the Black Hole assholes get to send off the Raiders on Christmas Eve. Yet one or both of these teams could still conceivably return to home next year. The Great Journey to Los Angeles, NFL-style! The Chargers has long been awaiting the end of the season as nearly everyone is hurt or at least playing injured. On the other side, Oakland has been feisty under new head coach Jack Del Rio and Derek Carr shows true promise. Give the Raiders the advantage with an emotional atmosphere as fans cry at the potential of never seeing Mark Davis’ haircut ever again.

Win: Oakland Raiders

Redskins @ Eagles

The Redskins are going to win this terrible NFC East division, aren’t they? As if it’s not bad enough for the NFL that teams are forgetting (on multiple occasions) to take players with concussions out of the game while Will Smith’s shitty new movie—very creatively called Concussion—is being marketed non-stop during games. Now the team from the nation’s capital that just so happens to be an awful racial slur is also gaining relevance again on the national stage because they’re going to the playoffs for the first time since the RG Knee debacle. Kirk Cousins and his similarly bland supporters are already insufferable.

Win: Washington Redskins

Panthers @ Falcons

If the Panthers were going down in the regular season, I thought the Giants would inexplicably be the team that knocks them off. Due largely to Odell’s mental implosion, New York fell short of that goal—OBJ catching that easy TD on the Giants’ opening drive might have completely changed the tone. Cam’s confidence wasn’t shaken and it’s seemingly shatter-proof. It’s hard to imagine the no-good, sorry, awful Atlanta Falcons giving the Panthers their first wound of the season.

Win: Carolina Panthers

Cowboys @ Bills

We’re not at the end of the season yet, but both the Cowboys and Bills are eagerly anticipating the sweet relief of this season’s death. Dallas is starting Boise State’s rejected offspring Kellen Moore while Rex Ryan is rolling with anyone who can stand on two feet—that he’s personally inspected with his tongue and a glass of milk. Buffalo has the better QB with Tyrod Taylor and that’s pretty much all that matters.

Win: Buffalo Bills

49ers @ Lions

Two sorry excuses for NFL franchises in the same shitty state of disrepair. These poor fans.

Win: Detroit Lions

Texans @ Titans

It’s Brandon Weeden vs. Zach Mettenberger! I can’t believe I’m taking a team relying on Brandon Weeden to move the ball, but Tennessee’s supporting cast is truly pathetic. This year’s playoffs will be populated with far too many miserable, undeserving teams like the Houston Texans.

Win: Houston Texans

Browns @ Chiefs

Cleveland has nothing to play for while Kansas City may backdoor their way into playoffs if the Broncos continue self-destructing. Alex Smith is making a killing throwing 5-yard check-down passes and handing off to whatever fast little running back the Chiefs are currently employing. Smith’s middling career is what Johnny Manziel ultimately aspires to so he can continue his day-drinking.

Win: Kansas City Chiefs

Colts @ Dolphins

Every part of Matt Hasselback’s broken down ass is injured or at least sore, but 17% of a 40-year-old Matt Hasselback is better than Chaz Whitehurst. No one wants to witness the return of Clipboard Jesus. Miami is a sloppy mess as well, but a healthy Ryan Tannehill gives the Dolphins the advantage.

Win: Miami Dolphins

Patriots @ Jets

Fuck Tom Brady. Todd Bowles has provided the Jets with a competent head coach for once, but these are largely still the same Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick gives New York a puncher’s chance. However, this is the type of game where Fitzy throws 3 interceptions while the Jets offense settles for field goals.

Win: New England Patriots

Bears @ Buccaneers

If any team should know the secret to exploiting the Tampa 2 defense, it should be Lovie Smith’s former employer. I wouldn’t trust Jay Cutler to valet my car, but even he should be able to dink-and-dunk his way to success against a conservative zone coverage scheme. However, I probably trust Jameis Winston just as much as Jay Cutler at this point. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Crab Legs devour the Bears.

Win: Chicago Bears

Steelers @ Ravens

Matt Schaub, Jimmy Clausen, or Ryan Mallett? Which slow and painful death do you want?

Win: Pittsburgh Steelers

Jaguars @ Saints

Blake Bortles, Fantasy Football Savior. With a juicy matchup against the Saints, this could be a prime opportunity to nationally welcome Blake Bortles to the next stage in the NFL QB hierarchy.

Win: Jacksonville Jaguars

Packers @ Cardinals

Easily the best matchup of the week. I almost always support Aaron Rodgers in big games, but Green Bay has struggled all season. With the Packers on the road and still having difficulty achieving consistency, the Arizona Cardinals should be able to take advantage of a conference rival at home in the desert. Losing Tyrann Mathieu to another knee injury could do unspeakable damage to Arizona’s defense. Aaron Rodgers could win this by himself, but the Cardinals have a considerable amount of depth with rookie RB David Johnson invoking a new level of explosiveness into the offense.

Win: Arizona Cardinals

Rams @ Seahawks

Jeff Fisher’s chinbelly is somehow surviving his perpetual mediocrity. In hindsight, he’s a perfect representation of St. Louis and that crumbling city of staunch conservatives. Please let the Rams put together an improbable performance with Case Keenum, Nick Foles, or whoever the fuck is handing the ball off to Todd Gurley. But I can never be happy so we’re assured of Seattle sleepwalking into the playoffs.

Win: Seattle Seahawks

Giants @ Vikings

OBJ Think

No OBJ around to object to the end of the Giants season. This is the type of game where Teddy Bridgewater constantly maneuvers the Vikings offense into quality field position. Whether they can convert touchdowns or settle for field goals is a different story. With little reason for a motivated finish, Minnesota should wipe the floor with the Giants lacking their fiery emotional core and leader in annoyingly awful hair.

Win: Minnesota Vikings

Bengals @ Broncos

Brock Ock can’t stop from tripping over his own awkward feet. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning’s broken foot hasn’t healed, which likely keeps him on the bench even if the Broncos make the playoffs. Cincinnati is without Andy Dalton, but human douche nozzle A.J. McCarron squeaked out enough juice for a Bengals victory last week. Although Denver’s defense hasn’t performed to the elite level most seem to expect, the Broncos should be able to put together enough points to outlast Cincinnati.

Win: Denver Broncos

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